Weather Talk Problem

I can’t get the weather talk feature to do anything. I click on set-up/view and nothing happens at all.

Any help is appreciated.


try the reset feature

then if no go
go to view, program error log, and there will be most likely a error there

then that means you may have to reinstall directx8
and or re install the speech drivers (see the download page) (and install all the drivers)

was the wife having the computer talk,.
Have you loaded the drivers and the msagent program?
and save the settings?

Is it the computer talking or the web site? The web site wouldn’t work for me because the windows media player wouldn’t recongnize either the mp3 or the wav. said it was not compatible. What did work was some wav files and the default for the player. Real audio didn’t work either. So I canned that idea.

Well actually, when I click on the setup, nothing happens at all. I can’t even get to the talking part.

Thanks for everyones help.


I have noticed a similar problem, it may have something to do with this. At times I click on something, like a setting or get a file and it clears itself from the screen. Then if I click on the WD icon the task bar several times, it seems to show back on the desk top and then I can set it.

Is this similar to what you have?
I have enough memory to choke a moose and space for the moose to do moose things, Windows xp-home.

It seems to be the same thing. I have tried clicking on the task bar, but no luck.

I also have enough memory for a herd of moose doing moose things.

This is the only problem I am experiencing with a great piece of software.

Thanks to everyone who posted on the problem. Problem solved thanks to Brian.

I was having problem with the weather talk setup not working at all. Brian helped me come up with the fix.

I downloaded the BRITISH FEMALE LANGUAGE COMPONENT and it worked perfectly after that.