Weather Talk not opening up


when I click Weather Talk under the control panel…it will not open…at all. I’ve rebooted numerous times…nothing.

Everything else seems to open fine and I can access all other icons.

there will most likely be an error under view, porogram error log
try clicking on reset in the control panel
do you have the speech drivers installed, etc

Here is the error message I am receiving:

ERROR: Access violation at address 004507FE in module ‘WeatherD.exe’. Read of address 000002CC at time/date 3:06:20 PM 21/11/04

I do have all the files installed per the instructions for speech etc.

did you try clicking on the reset button next to the speech setup?

I did. It reset. still does not open.

someone else has a similar problem
in the wdisplay.ini file, open that up (from c:\windows or c:\winnt)
and then search for the section
and the delete everything in that seciton, and resave that file

I’m kinda following along on this… I’ve never had it open before too. I got the same error he did in my error log when I tried to open the speech part.

I can’t however find a [Speech] section in the ini file though.

i know others have had this, but fixed it, by re downloading or at least reinstalled the microsoft speech drivers.

I’ll try that again…

anyone know if there is a way to test that the drivers are working on the computer before messing with the WD stuff?

i think this should do it to test the base XP speech function:

Troubleshooting Speech Systems
To determine if either speech system (text-to-speech or speech recognition) is working properly, use the following tests.
For text-to-speech (TTS)
Open Speech in Control Panel.
On the Text-to-Speech tab, click Preview Voice.
The text in Preview Voice should be spoken audibly with each word highlighted in turn. If so, TTS and the speakers are working.