Weather Talk added

A mile stone getting to version 9.00!
I have added weather talk

weather display can talk the weather to you, in many different languages too

see the last item under setup

Also, I have improved the ws2000/la crosse routine for the log file, which was growing to large and cuasing errors with the averages/extreme routine for the web page


Happy weather watching

Hi all

Here is a list of the files you will need to download and run to get the weather talking to work:
The core component (needed for win95/9:

The basic english driver:

The british english drivers, that may be needed

You may also need the SAPI 4.0 runtime file

BUT you also need Internet explorer 3.02 or later installed

Also, once downloaded you need to run these files
There will be no message at the end.


it looks like for windows ME you need to use the british english speech drivers (for a english verison of ME)