Weather Station Type Not Saving

Hi Brian,

Since I went to v9.40 my station type is not being saved and I have to set it every time I load the program. I have reverted to v9.39e and the problem is now with this version also (not before the change to v9.40)

Any ideas?


is there anty start up errors in the progam error log (under view, program error log)
also, when you go to weather station setup,does your station type have a dot next to it?
next, email me your wdisplay.ini file

Mine ( is still doing the same with the com port, and yes it is selected but must be re-selected. You had looked at the ini file and said it was fine.
BTW I am at southparkwx…remember the modem problem? I brought a new one up but the power supply fan was toast. Never ends! It’s running on a standby computer w/33k modem that is twice as fast as my 56k software modem.

When I first started back with WD , I had the same issues you are having.
Brian had me load first the lite version then once that was flying I loaded on top the regular wd program and she has worked since.

WHy? not a clue

there was a reason for that joe:
it was that particular version was not creating a non existant directory correctly, but the lite verison did it OK, for a new installation, and that start up error stopped the station setup completing.

The folks who are doing the manual should put things like this in it in a special section. :slight_smile:


There are errors when starting the program. This is because the weather station type (LaCrosse 2010) is not selected (dot next to station type in the drop down).

I am unable to email my ini file as I am away for a week. You may not need this as others sem to have similar problems.

Best Regards


ps: I wish you a very happy and prosperous 2003

the start up routine should be a little better now hopefully

Thanks for the notification Brian, I’ll try it when I get back home.