Weather Station Type Dropdown bug

If you select a station type from the dropdown list the options change below on selection (as expected). However if you chosse the last item in the list (Stationless) then the options below do not change as they should do.

Also, having a dropdown list at the top of the window is nice, but doesn’t this mean that you could now tidy up (get rid of) the messy looking tabs, as they are superfluous with the dropdown box in place?


I have already fixed the stationless one not working in a update

I prefer the tab type as there is a function button there for WS2310 types to kickstart comms again.

I think there are further features for other types available there too, which have various methods of connection and baud rates etc.

what I have done is reduced the amount of wording on the tabs , as the details of all the models are instead in the drop down
so that it looks a bit tider now, in a new .zip update

no one said to get rid of the tabs Graeme