Weather Station topsite

I’ve had to shut down the top list because of a flaw in the script (that’s what my host did say) this affected the server it is on and this was about to crash.

My domain was suspended for 24 hours because of this and I do not want to risk this happening again so that is why I did shut down the Weather Station topsite.

Sorry to hear that, i have used your topsites for ages


I am too, will your stats site be down forever if there is no fix for the issue running on your server ? I have had your stats for a long time and will need to rethink my page footers.

All the best and thank you for your past hosting, appreciated.

Kind regards


Sorry to hear that - I have been running an aardvark topsite for over 4 years without any issues reported by my host, so I would be interested in what your host thought the problem was.

That’s a great pity. Is there anything that we could do to assist with the issue with the script?
Did they give you any idea what the problem is?
Something that we could latch on to?
best regards

I’ve been thinking…
I host with 1and1. It costs me

This is the note from my hosts technical team:

“Customer seems to be hammering himself, affecting apache for the whole server.
Aug 22 10:20:13 web171 /weather_topsites/sources/misc/skin.php(91) : runtime-created function:1 - fopen connected to tcp://
Aug 22 10:20:13 web171 /weather_topsites/sources/misc/skin.php(91) : runtime-created function:1 - fopen connected to tcp://
Aug 22 10:20:13 web171 /weather_topsites/sources/misc/skin.php(91) : runtime-created function:1 - fopen connected to tcp://”

[quote author=cirencester link=topic=59275.msg474266#msg474266 date=1377612004]
I’ve been thinking…
I host with 1and1. It costs me

[quote author=cirencester link=topic=59275.msg474266#msg474266 date=1377612004]
I’ve been thinking…
I host with 1and1. It costs me

Thanks Andy, I may well have to talk you up on that, it’s really hard to set this up.
If I can give you all a progress report…So far I have set-up a SQL database on my 1and1 server and added all the necessary files from the Aardvark topsites website.
I’ve done all the set-up and so far it seems to work.

However I am aware that if I use the standard stationery set that comes with the package, the buttons (as they call them) will look just the same as Martyns ( and others… white background with a star that has a number in it.

I certainly don’t want to duplicate what what Martyn offers, which is for all UK weather sites and works perfectly, whereas what Lars @ Axelvold offered was open to any weather sites in the world. I would sooner open this up to all the sites that Axelvold once served.

Lars, could you please send me as much as you can and I will try really hard to replicate what you have. Could I have your php scripts and button graphics? I can’t be sure I can do it, because I may be limited to the access of my hosts SQL server. Failing that, I may have to start from scratch. which I don’t really want to have to do, because I don’t think I will have anything new to offer the global weather community.

I guess I can’t call it Axelvolds Weather Topsites, I will have to call it something else. I was wondering whether it could be ‘Weather Topsites’, ‘Weatherstation Topsites’, ‘World Weatherstations’, ‘Global Weatherstations’ ‘World Weather Topsites’… or anything else that you all might suggest ?? All suggestions welcome.

best regards

A quick progress update…
I have spent around 6 hours on this and am failing miserably. The support for the Aardvark Topsites List is really poor and very out of date and I just can’t get the file structure to support the buttons and skins graphics. I’m getting close to the point of giving up.
However I have learnt that there are various ways of measuring website visits and Lars, your server may have been over stretched because your topsites function was measuring the number of pageviews for all the 200+ sites that you had on your topsites lists as opposed to the number of ‘ins’ or ‘outs’. Was this something that you were aware of?
Therefore it might be worth looking at this in your topsites administrator settings and making a change to see if it makes a difference.

Hi all,
As a result of the troubles that Lars at Axelvold has been suffering at the hands of his host he has agreed that he pass over the hosting of the Weather Station Topsites to myself. With the help of Andy @ theBayWeather I have now got it up and running.
I will need to contact his existing members list separately, but if you wish to join now, you can do so my clicking on the button on my website now.
I am using a different button graphic to that which Lars was using, however I am not going to enable the ranking/voting system because I think it is too subjective, so instead the button will measure: monthly hits, average monthly hits and daily page views.
We couldn’t really call it Axelvolds Weather Topsites, so instead we have called it ‘World Weather Websites’ and it is exclusively for those of us who feed live data from our weather stations to our weather websites. I posted the info late last night on the wxForum and already have a small handful of members.
Please come along and join up if you wish. It’s a good way of having a portal into and linking up with other weather website hosts and I know for one that I found Axelvolds list page really useful.
Many thanks
Steve @ Cotswold Weather

After the first few days we’ve had 19 join up so far and it seems to be working out okay… which is a great relief.
Thanks to those who have joined so far. It’s always a good way to link up with fellow weather website hosts, so if you wish to, please come along and register for your websites button/logo on the new World Weather Websites list.

Many thanks

When you click on the button on someone’s website, a gateway page is displayed asking if you want to enter and vote or enter without voting.
Since voting is not enabled, why display the gateway page?

what is your url , I would like to join

Here ya go

Thank you so very much .

Thanks Nico, for chipping in, Aardvark, for signing up and Murry for your feedback.

I will have to edit the entry screen Murry to either omit or make comment about the rating system.
I was keen to get the Topsites list up and running at the weekend when I had the time available to do it, although I must say it was much harder than I imagined. #-o
I will set-about editing that script tonight, wish me luck !!
We have 20 member now, which is great, there’s plenty of room for more if anybody is interested.

Thanks again all.

Would like to join but have no banner - is this essential?



Hi Dave, it would be fine. You could sign up now, and maybe one day, if you create/design yourself a banner/logo, then you could add it later.
Many thanks

Many thanks Steve - have signed up!