Weather Report mail

now here is the puzzler.
Nothing has changed and suddenly the weather report emails and hence the globe reports that go with the weather report emails stop abruptly around the first of May.

Ok… I figured that the only thing it could be was with my isp. Qwest had moved their accounts from MSN to their servers. They kept most things the same, but still I figured that was it.

So I changed the settings to match what Qwest did, hit the test button and it works. Then I got one email, the test one. Nothing else works. SO… Back to drawing board. I also have a gmail account, actually a couple. One is through school, so I don’t use that for personal things, but I did use mine that works with the android. Same thing, hit the test button, worked, then one more and then nothing.

Double rats. So I set up a separate gmail account and off we go, same thing. Now I am pissed. So I go with the hostmonster email account and same deal.

Now I have gone through ,; hostmonster and 2 gmails and nothing else has changed. So… I figure that something might be screwy in the registry. I go back into early april and get a copy of the registry from the backup for wd, I remove the registry that is there and replace the appropriate parts. Go through the same thing as before and nothing different.

So… I decide maybe I should download a fresh copy , and same difference. I can get it to send me a test message to everyone, but nothing else works on the weather report email side.

I may go stand on my head and go quack yet.

OH… the ftplog full indicates no problems, when I test and it assumes things upload.

still not working… maybe it is my computer… funny it only works when I hit the test button, but it won’t send out a report on its own. spooky…

no problem here and no reports of other problems like this

is the switch on in the weather report email setup?
do you have each day of the week ticked?
is the main internet switch ON in the connections setup?
is it ticked to use weather display’s ftpupd.exe there?

try settinga time to send the email at a different time to anything else, eg a few minutes ahead, and see what happens

I am doing that, but I will change the times