Weather Report Email

I posted this before in another forum…never got a response…I’m baffled over the weather report e-mail setup. I can only get WD to send a weather report if I click on test. I assume the problem lies in the weather report times setting. However I’ve tried a few different entries and nothing works on its own…what am I missing here? Is it possibly due to my OS system? (Win2000)…

Hi, I’m running WD on Windows 2000 Server without any problem.

The mail functionality is working fine…

Cheers, Aad

There must be some other setting somewhere else that must be activated…however, it will send it if I hit “test”…maybe I need to see a screenshot of your setup page…
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Here’s a link: as to how I have mine set up.
Running XP OS, WD 9.45b

thanks for the link!..however I had my settings exactly as your…still won’t generate report on its own…only when I hit Test…I’m giving up…something is broke and I can’t find it…crap

one thing to try is to set the time completly separate to any other FTP agenda times…
try that…that has worked for others

oh and if you do not have ticked use weather display ftp, under connections, i.e if you are have your own web server, then you will need to tick still use for all other…under connections in the ftp setup

i have been busy making chocalate cake with my eldest daughter this morning
hope its not crap

WD does reside on same computer as webserver…I ticked the ‘use wd own ftp’…nothing…e-mail still only works when I send a test…

you need to not tick use weather display own ftp then …
and tick still use for all other
and make sure the main internet switch is ON
and make sure you dont have custom weather report ticked , in the weather report setup, and have send times, and days you ant sent ticked, and the switch On on the report setup page
and check the ftplog.txt file for the agenda items its supposed to at the time you specify…try setting the time to 1 minute from now

been working for me for 3 years now…but I have it set to a different time than the ftp upload (there is some conflict there i have not got to the bottom of)

I misunderstood your "and tick still use for all other " meant to tick “Still use Ftpupd.exe for everything but…”

working now…

I can not even get the test to work. It was doing just fine before I upgraded to verision 9.45b but now it does not work.


Let me make a correction, it is not a problem with the Weather Report E-Mail but a problem with the Alarms E-Mail. I am testing it both to my e-mail account and a alpha numeric e-mail pager account.


Hi Rich…sure are meeting in strange places…hope my 14580 server feed is working for you…

Yes it is, just what the DR ordered!