Weather Report Email has stopped

It appears that from installation of v 9.30 I am no longer sending weather report emails on schedule. Emails go out just fine if I click the test button, but not from the schedule. Curently I am using the custom report option, and a preview also seems to work fine.

I have reviewed the wdftpini section of the registry and all seems OK. I do notice the new list of days though with ‘yes’ alongside each. Wonder if peraps you are testing for ‘YES’ instead.

Any suggestions what might get it going again.

Currently running 9.31b


export and email me your regsitry setting and your custom report

i did put a check into the ftp program to check that the custom report file actuialy exists before sending it (otherwise if the custom switch was on, it and the file did not exist, a i/o error would occur, for weather warning email anyway!)

hi all,

looked at your ftp log file ?

at mine I did see WD is still searching at it at my previous directory
Since I changed that I could adjust all settings, but for this I can’t find an entrance anywhere.

fred got this working by setting the email report time different to other times
i am not sure yet why that has to be done
fishing would be a good hobby

talking about hobbies Brian ?

speaking for myself…
sporting, biking, singing, weather, computers, weather, technics,
and oh… reading all those messages
i like the features party the best …

ok if you go fishing now and then, mown the lane and mum milks the cows, keep your sence for humour…
we all stay happy with your magnificent dynamics and weather software

uhmmm other topic please…


got it working again !

in the email report I exactly reproduce the name
of my weatherstation name
that was earlier times not criticle (was it? never problems)
i suppose now it is.

thats a red herring ED, just a coincidence

it might be now that you need to tick to use auth loging

ed, i have not got the email you said, but i have found your old ones and will try again soon


ok I ticked auth login now
and it still works :lol:

btw what does it mean auth login ? (authentic log in ?)

(ehh may be other topic: if the help file could be updated, I, he, she it, we and you should have a good reference for your prog and leave you with the ‘real problems’ of WD. Maybe we have to budle knowledge somewhere in or beside this forum :wink: )