Weather Report Email changes not being updated/sent

I use a custom email template to send weather reports during the day. I’ve created a customweatherreport2.txt and have added numerous custom tags throughout. Recently, I’ve noticed that changes/updates to the custom file are not displayed in the preview pane in the weather report email tab from the control panel. Sometimes restarting my pc will cause the changes to be reflected in the email sent, but there is still a pretty significant mismatch between the preview pane and what’s actually in the custom file.

A second, and possibly related, problem is that i’m not able to send any emails from the “#1 setup” email configuration. I was using #1 setup for morning emails and #2 setup for evening emails, but the email configured for setup 1 is never sent. Both #1 and #2 setup are using the same email account and config for account settings but for some reason email intended to be sent from the #1 setup configuration is never sent.

I’m running Win7 Ultimate 2gb of ram
10.37Q build 28
Davis VP2 with solar + UV
Webcamcapture is running and connected to an HP 3110 camera

re the preview, any errors under view, program event log in WD?
also check the file
directly, instead (or report2.txt)

note that the preview only works for the customweatherreport.txt and not the 2nd one

for the #1 setup email not sending, check the Ftplogfull.txt after a test or scheduled send, for clues

Hi Brian
the report2.txt is correctly updated but the changes to that file are not reflected in the email being sent. The answer you gave about the preview does explain some of this. I am trying to use the custom tag %Currentsolardescription% which seems not to be working but is using the output from current conditions instead.

As far as the email 1 not being sent, I don’t see anything unusual in the ftp log

actual messages from upload session*
Start Time/date:2:27:50 PM 2/2/2011
Permanent connection selected
Permanent connection, will do ftp now
Checking for what else to do…
there are 1 more things to do
Sending Weather Report Email
Finshed email agenda
Finished email agenda, no FTP items to do…
Doing abort procedure/program close…

and nothing apparent in the program log at the same time either.

using the test button for setup #1 does not produce an email…

the report2.txt is correctly updated but the changes to that file are not reflected in the email being sent.
the good is that the report2.txt file is being updated OK in the webfiles folder

the problem then is the weather report #2 is not sending that updated report, yes?

i will need your settings files to test here

actually I am wrong
the file that should be created and updated and sent is always report.txt
in the webfiles folder
for both #1 and #2 setup even with custom option set

best thing is to .zip and email me your settings files (see in the FAQ for how to do that)

sorry about that…

I have removed your attachment (after downloading it)
as I posted above to email it to me, rather than post here for anyone to download your FTP/internet settings

Hi Brian,
Have you had any luck either reproducing or fixing this one? I think I may have figured out a workaround but i’m not quite sure yet. It seems like turning off ssl allows emails to be sent. The thing that’s odd is that the account settings for email 1 and email 2 are identical, except that now I have ssl turned off for email 1 and email 2 setup is able to be sent without problems with ssl on.

I’d be interested to know if you’ve managed to fix this.


yes, I discovered I using the wrong Ftpupd.exe program
the latest full install version should be OK