Weather report e-mail problems

My WD vers. 9.65b has a problem wih the weather report e-mails.
WD doesn’t send the mails regularely, though I activated all days.
i.e. one day all mails arrive, next day only the morning mail, the other day only the evening mail and the very next day no mails arrive.

ftp dials in and there are no errors in the error log file. The system seems working normal.

I dont know, what to do. :frowning:
Brian is working and looks for the bug, but maybe someone had the same problem or has an idea.

Thanks for helping.

one thing to check:
when it is supposed to send it, then check gthe ftplog.txt file, to see if it shows on the agenda list there
aslo, if it misses a send
then check the log file
and see if any minute time stamps are missing

me too. I am having the same problem.

in the ftpfull log things look fine with the exception of :
Checking for what else to do…
there are 4 more things to do
Hamweather connected status: OK
Wunderground complete
ERROR: 301: Timeout. at time/date 12:00:00 AM 12/30/1899
Doing abort procedure/program close…

the ;year 12/30/1899???

in the ftup log I see this. Looks good except what is the 2ndserverupload ?

do aprs data send

2nd server:
checjk under general ftp upload, 2nd server…untick that

time out:
is that with wunsderground then maybe?
the date is odd!

no 2nd server. the date is a bit odd.