Weather Icon and WD v9.61D


The summary image on v9.61D is not working correctly. The default image is shown on startup but then disappears on the first update.


Are you saying the entire summary.gif image is not showing up or the current condition image on the summary.gif is not showing up?

No I mean on the main screen display which on the web page translates to the weather.gif image. I am referring to the weather icon that appears just above the time & date.


Ah Ha. This is the one manifestation I have yet to see, but I’ve seen all the others.

This only occured in v9.61D which I uploaded today. v9.61C and prior releases have all been OK.


Weather icon, which is determined by the METAR, is wrong (it’s daytime), windspeed and wind direction is off. Only started when 9.61d was loaded.

Windows XP, 512 MB ram, 1.4 Ghz AMD

I am now experiencing this as well. When I click on the icon on the main page it brings up the summary image, but the two icons are different. I have it setup to show only my WM-918 weather forcast icon. Currently that is showing correct on the main screen and base unit. But the summary image shows a partly cloudy icon. This also started with 9.61d. Reverting back to 6.60d has not corrected this. :frowning: