Weather Display uploads

Right, I got everything else sorted, I have a continuous update from weatherdisplay (Clientraw) yet the PWS is saying that the device is offline even when the Clientraw is showing as current in my ftp client. Any ideas please?

a link to your PWS would help

Yes, please add url to your profile - it saves us asking for it every time.

But you posted the other day about Irvine, Scotland Home Weather Station (WDapi version), which is set up to use wd-api, not clientraw.txt :confused:

Totally different things. Which is it?

Please check your debug dashboard

The second row of buttons show your current weatyher-data
Left button the main upload

Age 7 hours 30 minutes 54 seconds

Middle button a “translation” from the main upload which shows which items can be used, f.i. date time of the data is 14/05/2024 00:11:16

Right button shows all weather-values from upload, extra uploads and history files.
The other uploaded file is recent

There is only one conclusion: WD stopped uploading

There can be multiple causes why WD stops uploading:

  1. WD crashed and did not correctly restart
  2. Your home network closes outgoing traffic during night-hours
  3. Your windows computer with WD goes into sleep-mode after windows update runs automatically at midnight


Weather Display is running and uploading, I wonder if this is an issue with WD, as I’ve upgraded to the latest version.

This clientraw.txt seems recent at your webserver.
So FTP upload works.

But WD-api is selected in your easyweather settings.

For that your WD should do that http upload also.

Are you sure you want to use WD-api as you post that your site uses clientraw


I couldn’t get the Ecowitt settings to work, no matter how I configured them, so WD seemed the obvious choice as I had it running locally anyway. I’ve changed the settings over to Clientraw - weather display I will keep an eye on what is happening for a couple of hours TY.

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Your ecowitt upload is working OK.
I do not see any extra-sensors in it, other then a lightning one.
Normal file, should work out of the box.

If you want to use ecowitt custom upload, mail me your easyweather password.
I can check your settings and set it to ecowitt.


The screenshot shows the settings for ecowitt and clientraw on your website

As mentioned by @ bitsostring in your previous topic, there is a large difference in number of weather-items between Ecowitt-CustomUpload (ECU) and clientraw.txt (CRW) upload.
CRW has more weather-items such as daily high-lows and trends.
For ECU one can have the high-lows also when running a cron-job every 5 minutes as the cron-job will calculate all high-lows.

The general advise is to always use a cron-job. For those who use ECU it is a necessity.

I attach also the screenshots which highlight some differences .

When updating the settings

  1. always use the green button to save the settings
  2. always refresh the website as browsers often show the last cached data.
    One could think that the changes in the settings failed if one does not refresh the window.

Regards, Wim