Weather-Display main webpage

Hey Brian,

I don’t know if you or someone else is the webmaster of the webpage but it would be really, really nice if under the latest version description, you could seperate what updates were made so if you just did something for anyone having a Lacrosse problem or something, I wouldn’t have to guess if this was a release I need or not. Just like this:

Vers 9.44d
10th January:Extra sensor graph fixed.Finally the FTP program does not flash the screen.
Vers 9.44c
9th January:Dew point added to summaryimage.gif .Data quality check son extra sensor graph added.
Vers 9.44a
6th January: Fed cows, fed chickens, gave wife a kiss. :lol:

Of course, this was just an example and I know your days are full but it would just be a nice thing to look and say “hey Brian, back in ver 9.44a, when you kissed your wife, thats when the program started locking up!”

Just funnin with ya!