Weather Display Live Script Code


I want to know where I can find the script for weather display live for it to work on my website and if you can maybe tell me how I get it on my website.

Sorry if this is already has been asked.

Weather Display Live is a purchased Flash application … the only script I know of is the JavaScript to embed it in your page. All other modifications to WDL are made in the configuration XML file.

The swfobject.js script (available here ) is included on the page you want to display the WDL application with

<script type="text/javascript" src="swfobject.js"></script>

then something like this is used to actually include it on your page

<div id="flashcontent" align="center" class="autosize"><b>Weather Display Live</b>
You need to install v8, or greater, of Flash Player from <a href="">Adobe</a> to view Weather Display Live.</div>
<script type="text/javascript">
   //Enter your details here!!
   var pathToWdlconfig = "";
   var widthOfWdl = "610";
   var heightOfWdl = "470";
   var backgroundColourOfWdl = "#ffffff"
   var versionOfWdl = "wdlv6_02.swf";
   var so = new SWFObject(versionOfWdl+"?"+pathToWdlconfig, versionOfWdl, widthOfWdl, heightOfWdl, "8", backgroundColourOfWdl);
   so.addParam("quality", "high");
   so.addParam("wmode", "transparent");

Is this what you were looking for?

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There is example webpage code and the .js included in the WDL download.

Thanks for your help.

Do I put the codes all in one script box or put them in seperate if so in which order?

Ive uploaded the files to my website and if I get the script in order then should it work?

Im new to this and dont have a clue :dontknow:

There is great documentation included with the software, I suggest you follow the steps in there and if it doesn’t work post the URL of the page here and we can help you fix it.

Hi I got some help and this is the result

I think something in the script is wrong?

Your code appears wrong…

Replace this line:
var pathToWdlconfig = “

With this:

var pathToWdlconfig = “



You appear to be missing the actual flash object on your page


This should be in the same directory as the xml file.




Thanks for your help but theres still something wrong

There is a message at the end saying thats it couldnt find the file.

You have the wrong URL for your config file…you have…

and it should be…

I also noticed the some of your pages use www and some dont. The WDL serial you got will only work on how you first registered it.

Hi thanks for your help.

How would I fix the serial number problem? reinstall it?

your config file will either use www or without…do you remember how you registered your site for the serial number?

It uses www. so should i change everything to www.?


I put in www. and it said that the file is on another domain.

Sometimes it still says the serial number error.

but this is still wrong
var pathToWdlconfig = “”;


It wont let me edit this part to change it to www,

change it on this page

How do i do that?