Weather Display Live on HostWeather

Effective right now I can no longer allow weather display live to run on Host Weather. I’m getting nasty grams liek crazy from my provider. At last tally there are over 200 open connections sending data every 30 seconds!

Please discontinue using WD Live. If you require a refund because of these please email me at [email protected].


If you wish to try my service please let me know. I won’t get nasty letters. I am the provider. I rent server space in a network operations centre and the servers are mine and I have a great bandwidth plan. I do not need to put everyone on one server, I can spread it out on a number of them.

I will try to help those in need of WDL Hosting.

Sorry for your troubles Ryan.

Gary W Dumbleton

If I wanted to use WDL on a hosted website, what do I need to do?

You would need a webpage that allows you to send your clientraw*.txt files to and a basic web page that loads the WDL files when a vistor connects. Thats basically it.

Hi bad_andy,

If you wish to host with me, all you need to do is make arrangements with me to set up your site. (if you do not have a domain name I can register one for you) then you would need to set up Weather Display to transfer your files to the server.

That is about it.

If you need to know more let me know.