Weather Display hangs

I have a problem where Weather Display seems to get into a loop restarting. It seems to be connected to the FTP program.
There seems to be two windows of Weather Display, one that I can see and one that I can’t see. The visible window seems to be in a loop of restarts. At the same time a number of instances of real time ftp is produced.
I have had Weather Display for a long time now.
I have not had this problem or anything similar before. The hardware is the same as before.
I have tried to tweak a number of things. The number of real ftp instances is lower, but the problem is not gone.

maybe you have 2 instances of WD starting with windows
(e.g the original weatherd.exe as well)
also maybe you have WD set to start to show the WDL window instead

I do not have weatherd.exe running.
I am not sure about what is meant by WDL window.

if you could post some screen shots of what you mean by the hidden window?

Here finally I have a screen shot.
As you can see only exit remains in the menus. To the right, in the you can see that there seemingly are two windows open in WD. I guess the second one is a dialog box that is behind the main program.
WD seems to be in a cycle where it is performing some action again and again, causing the menus to appear and disappear again and again. The program is unresponsive. In some instances there is no other way to shut it down, than to restart the computer, at other times I can click the red X to close the program down.
You can also see from the screen shot, that the program stopped recording readings a few minutes after 11:00, while the computer time is at 11:28.

Here is a screen shot of the web page setup.

As I suspect you’ve had these settings for some time it’s probably unrelated but the weather station name field says to avoid spaces and your name contains a space.

Are you able to display the hidden page by using Alt+Tab to switch to it? If so you might get a better view of what’s causing the hangup.

i have not see the problem of the menu items disappearing before…that is a new one
might be some problem with the memory or graphics driver

Chris - I have changed the name from Swedish “VÃ¥rt väder” to English “Our_weather” without the space. The Swedish extra characters do not always agree with systems in English.
I’m running that computer through Remote desktop in Chrome, convenient when everything, but not as convenient when you need to debug things. So, I have not tried alt-tab.

Brian - The error occurs rather irregularly, and it doesn’t always look the same way. The next time it occurs, I will move the installation to a new computer.

Thanks to both of you