Weather Display Freezing After FTP Setup

I wanted to give Weather Display a try so that I could use the website templates made by Saratoga so I downloaded the demo of the newest mac build. (87 I believe) Hooking it up with my USB console wasn’t going well so I decided to just use the http sharing option from weathersnoop to get the data to WD. That seemed to work fine and WD stayed running, collecting data all day.

Tonight I was getting pretty far with my website so I was in the process of setting up all the FTP sharing options according to Saratoga’s instructions. It was going pretty well and I was getting data to my website whenever I manually told it to upload to my server. Somewhere along the line, something happened and all of the sudden the program stays open for about a minute and then freezes. I can force close it and reopen it, but it just does the same thing.

I’ve restarted my computer, repaired permissions, ran it as the only program, re-downloaded the demo and installed it again, but nothing seems to be working.

The site was really coming along so I’d hate to give up on that project. Can anybody give me some more ideas to try?

This morning I’ve been trying to use the ~1 minute that the program will stay open to try and backtrack and delete the last things that I changed before it started crashing but no luck yet.

try deleting the wdisplayftp.ini file
~/Library/Application Support/wdisplay/
when WD is not running

Thanks a lot, that fixed it for now. I haven’t tried setting it up again, but when I do I’ll try to keep better track of what I’m doing so I’ll know the issue if it starts crashing again.

most likely the cronftp or cronftpreal got locked up with the FTP
issuing a killall cronftp or killall cronftpreal from a console window would have unlocked WD

I had it running all day and it was fine, so I went ahead and made the change that I thought may have been the issue. I turned the switch from “off” to “on” under the “Real Time FTP” tab to try to start the sending of automatic updates to my website.

It locked it up almost immediately so I closed/opened WD and turned that switch off before WD had a chance to freeze up again. Now it seems fine.

I don’t have anything set or selected under that tab, it’s all default other than turning the switch on. What do you think the issue might be?

Thanks again windy,

do you have normal FTP uploads working?
(i.e via the ftp settings set in the Ftp/internet setup)
also make sure the permissions on the clientaw.txt file (and the other clientraw files ) are OK in the webfiles folder

Just tried it again after setting the permissions for clientraw.txt in the webfiles folder to “read & write” for all users. I also made the permissions of the file on my server to 755 instead of 644 in case that would help anything. It crashed within about 20 seconds again, but now I have it working after shutting the switch off.

I tested the FTP settings again by clicking “Test Internet Connection Now” in the “Times” folder of my FTP/Internet setup. It updated right away with no problems so it looks like the FTP is ok.

Here is a link to my site’s clientraw.txt in case you want to check it out.

Anybody have more suggestions I can try?

you could do a apple script to ftp that file at a scheduled interval maybe or similar?

Try running the cronftpreal from a command window…then you can see what happens and if there are any errors generated.