Weather Display feature needed w/ Linux version of APRS

I am posting this on this forum instead of the feature request forum since this is limited to the amateur community and somewhat to the Linux community.

Brian, is there any way that Weather Display can have a feature added to format the server data that goes over the INTRAnet to be identical to the output the wx200d software outputs. I have been told that is a standard, maybe just a standard in Linux but still a standard. I attepted to set up Xastir (Linux version of APRS) to work with weather display but it will not. Just as in the Client/Server page you currently have a IP address assignment and a port number with the correct output format is all that is needed. Xastir will then look for that and parse it into the APRS format, this will allow the data to be displayed on my Xastir display and also go out over the radio and internet. I am in the process of removing most of my Windoze boxes from my network but I LOVE Weather Display and can’t bring myself to do it yet.

Others have told me to just get wx200d and ditch windows but I am willing to keep one box as long as I can get my weather station to work with Xastir. Can you enable possibly a feature button on the Client/Server page for “Linux Network Support” and then have the data that goes out in the other format ? That will then allow any Linux Application that uses weather data to be able to interface with Weather Display.

I do not know what the format is yet but I am searching the web to see if I can find any resources for you.


Rich K4GPS

Looks like he might be looking into that already…

Another neat feature would be to not only generate the wx200d data but also be able to receive the wx200d data.

I’m going to try running WD through WINE when I get home tonight. Hopefully it will work. I like WD alot and therefore keep the windows machine buzzing away.

outputting the required format could work
WD does work undr wine i have been told, but some of the stylised buttons do not appear

i have linux now, and have purchased a compiler, and so i can create a basic verison of wd for linux now,running under x window…in linux…
i just have to find the time (everyone is sick in this household today!)

Many of us are interested in the formating. I personally do enjoy WD and am keeping 1 Win2K box operational just for WD. The Xastir project (APRS on Linux) is currently in a code freeze so compatability for the WD Network Output is not going to happen anytime soon but it could if needed in the future.

If WD could output the wx200d data format in server mode over the network then Xastir users could start using their various WX stations immediately in Xastir and still be able to enjoy all the features of Weather Display on their other computer.

I am glad to hear you are thinking of a Linux version but you said it would be a Lite version, what features would we be losing ?

Rich K4GPS
Jupiter Florida

any components that i cant port will be missing…
i wont know until i start …
so, what format do i need to output as an option for the multcast client/server tcp output?

all I was told is that XASTIR accepts the wx200d format. I have checked the web and this is what I found as far as links and info…It uses the Arne Henriksen format string

So I am thinking that if you output from the server the 1wire format which is by what I have read the Arne Henriksen string then WD would be understood as a valid format by any application that uses that string.