Weather-Display, down load ftp, transmit to air ?

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I am a member of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, where I have set up Weather-Display to replace some of our old software. I am exploring the possibility of Weather Display transmitting directly to air on our private VHF freq. In my whish list for this I would like to be able to down load from our local ftp gov site and add the the local boating forcast to the voice out put from W/D and put all to air automaticly, anybody have any ideas / or comments on this idea ?

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I’m trying to do the same thing, but over the UHF CB band.
One would have to use the WD weather talker, interface through a VOX unit then to a transmitter. Somehow using cgi scripts one has to “grab” content from ‘another’ website download as a text file so it can be uplaoded via WD weather talker.

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I should have added these comments of Brian’s when I first posted this, but did not think of it at the time so here they are :

a very interesting idea: i do know of an pilot that got the current weather conditions speaking out to the microphone at the aeroclub so it could be heard from the aeroplane cockpit radio…
so maybe you could do that, and set up the FTP/metar download section to download from the BOM ftp sergver, or use the HTTP download (and tick text option)…and then use the cutom tags to convert the downloaded ftp text to speech…for the downloaded http file, you would need to have the file saved as customtalking.txt, in the folder webfiles, for WD to convert the text direct to speech (and turn on the custom talking switch)

alslo, ask this Q on the WD forum,.,see the link under modules, weather forum, top left of this page

I know what you’re trying to do, it requires external equipment, by hooking up a VOX unit to your soundcard then to a TX radio.

Something similiar can be heard on ( in my region ) 131.1 mhz

a very good example is also on
2201 khz
4426 khz
6507 khz
8176 khz
12365 khz
16537 khz
depending on the time of the day, it gives marine forecast for selected areas.

I’ve managed to “grap” text from b o m and download it into customtalking.txt and it sort of works except some of the words are joint together for ex.

NORTH TROPICAL COAST AND TABLELANDS DISTRICTCloudy. Scattered to widespread showers along the coast and ranges today easingtomorrow. Some moderate falls possible. Isolated showers further inland.
Moderate to fresh SE winds, gusty at times.
Outlook for Sunday … Isolated showers coast and ranges. SE winds easing.

Also the text to speech converts SE to the words S E



Thanks for your replies. I have had a play with a program called Echostation that has a text to speech engine within it and I have ftp download software also. I have progressed as far as downloading the required f/cast and recording it, as it plays back. I can then schedule it in Echostation to play at appointed times. I even have a method of interfacing my computer to the required radio through the soundcard. But at this stage the amount of manual input by the operator to get all to air is greater than just reading it to air. I know it can be done commercially, as you point out a number of Gov marine stations have gone this way when some of the the 24 hrs stations closed earlier this year. I was hoping that the development for this software had come from amateur radio and weather enthusiasts. I will wait and see what other replies I might get before contacting the actual marine radio departments that are currently putting information to air.

Thanks again for your comments so far,