Weather Display Data Issue

The data in the WD Current Conditions, WD 10.375119 is not the same as the data on my Davis Vantage Vue Console.

The data appearing in WeatherLink 6.0.5 Weather Bulletin is the same as on the Davis Console. So it appears that data is not being received by WD. Can anyone help me?


do you have WD set to get current conditions from a local metar

No, I’m not. Never have. WD is suppose to get the data from the WeatherLink program.

WD is suppose to get the data from the WeatherLink program.
not sure what you are meaning here exactly can you provide some more detailed info on your setup? do you have a data logger on your davis vue?

The “Davis VP History Data Extraction” is not extracting data. All date and time fields are blank.

I do have a Davis data logger Installed on my Vantage Vue.

The data from the logger is not making it to WD. I have the WeatherLink Software installed and I can see the data from the Davis console in WeatherLink program. I must have some setting in WD setup wrong. This occurred after updating WD to the current version. I am using the new weatherdisplay.exe


ah so you are not getting data from then?
but instead straight from the davis console via a data logger
is it a usb data logger?
make sure the weather link program is not running at the same time as WD
what vesrion of WD were you using before?
what shows in WD under view, debug info and under view, program event log
and what shows across the top of the WD program

is com port 3 correct?
what shows in windows device manager, ports?

also try this:
in WD, control panel, data logger, turn the switch off there
then restart WD
re previous version, you say you dont remember…can you at least give me a hint , e.g when was the last time you upgraded WD?

Windows port info
Communications Port (COM1)
Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM3)

I think it was 6 months or so ago that I had updated WD

After shutting off th switch and restarting WD it looks like it is updating now except for WD NOAA report and WD Month report.

updating now except for WD NOAA report and WD Month report.
how do you mean exactly?

re the intial problem , it looks like a problem with getting the history data
is the date and time on the vue set correct?

on my website,, in the Station Status screen it says those two items have not updated in over 40+ hours.

The time on the console is within seconds of the PC and the date is correct.

that files are you only updated once a day
so make sure WD is running at the time they are updated (e.g midnight)
ie. so see if they can get updated with WD running overnight

Great. I will check those tomorrow.

Your program is fantastic!
Thank you for your time, patience and help.

re the history data at start up problem for missed data since WD was last running
see if that works OK next time…if not you may have to reset the data logger…as something seems to get out of sequence…I have not been able to put my finger on it yet

I will test it today. Everything is operating correctly this morning.

Thanks again.