Weather Database Problem

Wouldn’t know this one exists if it wasn’t for MS’s recent batch of security updates. Every time I have to reboot the PC, the database.exe program attempts to read the entire database so it can display it for me! Nice idea initially, but now that I have over 1 million records (Oct 2001 to present), this can take a LONG time, and actually requires 100% of the PC. It even causes WD to stop fetching data from the Davis weather station, it slows stuff down so much.

It appears that the program has to be running in the background to get data to the database, but is it possible to disable the viewer? Except as a debugging tool at installation time, I see no real value to it. I could use Access to fix bad data, or in my case, the MySQL admin tools.

Of course, if MS would get Windows bugs all fixed, then maybe this would be a non-problem D

p.s. this is NOT an urgent matter, just something to add to the end of your list.

yes, the data base viewer:
i will make button where it is activated, but otherwise its not normaly…
been meaning to do that!

Thanks Brian, but no rush, REALLY. Working on a shed to hide my tractor, etc,. from the comming winter here. Fortunately there are no cows. But we do have moose, turkies, deer, beaver, etc. (and a few humans I am told).


a new wddatabase is ready that should be better