Weather Data

I am trying to source data for my new website based in the UK.

I want ideally a five day forecast but cannot find anywhere that supplies this information at a reasonable cost.

Anyone know who can supply this information?

Depends how you define reasonable. I suspect you mean the same as I do…and if so, then I’ve never found anything that cheap. My definition of cheap is

The problem with scraping it off someone else’s page is that you’re almost certainly breaking their copyright rules. After all if you’d paid hundreds of pounds to get data onto your site would you be happy for lots of other people scraping the data off you for nothing?

I see your point and agree you should not do it.

I will continue to look for some cheap feed!

WxSim might work for you if you want to create your own forecast for your location. It is a complex program but we have asked the author to simplify it and provide us with an easy to use method of producing 5 day forecasts. There is a forum on WxSim on here. Read thru that and see if it might provide you with what your looking to do.