Weather condition icons not updating

I’ve just noticed that the weather conditions icons do not update. I’ve been away for a week or so and am not sure when this started hapenning. I’ve just checked 9.79 and it occurs there. It may be related to a solution to a problem posted May 19 titled “Metar report corruption”.

If I click on the WD main window weather icon I get a popup window with a summary display and a different icon then appears on the main display. The popup icon seems to match the metar download Sky Condition text description. The main display does not match.

I’m also running WD as a server across my local lan. The server and the client weather icons do not always match. The client does not display the Sky Conditions text reported by the server-side WD.

Client and Server run Win-ME, 1GHz Athlon CPU with 512M RAM and 10/100 ethernet LAN. I use Dallas 1 wire weather station and AAG external temp guage.

Many thanks for an excellent app Brian!

are you using the sync icons from the server to the client facility?
ie the client downloading a usign a metar, or just the server?
i could add the metar conditions to the data transmited to the client…and get the client to use that…or you somply get the client to also download and use the metar?
more work for me…(and then you woudl want the actual weather conditions from the metar?..i,.e where do i stop?)

i am nearing “completion of WD” so i can work on a linux verison,…

I’m using the Sync icons from the server facility located on the Client/Server TCP/IP setup page. The client gets all its data from the server.

The server gets its data from the metar. The server main WD display appears to not update correctly (automatically) based on the metar data. The server icon does not update until I click on the icon gif and open the popup weather summary window. This is the main bug. Since the server side does not update by itself then the client never receives the correct icon data.

So that’s the primary problem. The next issue was getting the client’s icon set correctly. At your good suggestion I’ve setup the client to download the metar data and use it. The client gets the correct data but, like the server, does not update the icon until I click on the icon to display the popup window.

So the main problem is not automaticaly updating the icon. If that is corrected then getting the correct metar sky condition text reported on server and client will be via your recommended approach of having both devices download and use appropriate parts of the metar data.

This capability was working. A recent update must be responsible for this current deviation.

so the icon is not being updated auto,…

export and email me your wdisplayftp.ini file from the registry, for the server verison, so i can check this…

great you are downloading the metar on the client version as wel…whew

the new icons on the extra metar images I need to improve themn for picking up rain ,etc