Wdxmlwarning.exe - Multiple occurances [RESOLVED, latest version]

If you haven’t looked yet check out this topic in the WD Questions section. Seems we have a new bug maybe because of something changing at NWS.


Whew, I;m not the only one. We don’t get many warning here, but we had one Tuesday for high winds. I found my pc at a near crawl, with 4 WDXMLWARNING.EXE showing in the task bar. A quick check with task manage showed 4 copies running in processes. Each one taking between 10 to 50% of CPU. Poor cpu fan was screaming! Finally had to kill all 4 processes, but they just kept coming back. Finally had to kill WD…

I just downloaded 10.37Q bld 35 and installed it. Was on bld 34. I tried to go into control panel/ NOAA Warnings and turn it off, but if I try to click on any thing I get a “not responding error” It is showing Noaa Warnings version 3.8 in the title bar.

Just did it again. I guess my choices re kill WD or rename the WDXMLWARNING.exe file so it can’t be found…

I had 3 running also. Saw a http 302 error reported in the raw data.

I started the topic in the WD Questions board. I’ve deleted the wdxmlwaring.exe from the WD directory but WD still “Hung” at 12:03am today. Grrr.

Betcha the NWS changed the path to the file Brian uses.

They did, I updated my “Advisory” pages and still left wdxmlwarning.exe off the WD directory, but WD stll locked up at 12:03 this morning. Grrr.

and you did nothing to change anything?

I know that if I have mine set for a 2nd warning , I get 2 icons if that second one is ticked. I would start there.
Then I would go into the task manager, and exit out both of them. the exit weather display and make sure in the task manager they are not. Restart the weather display and see it that corrects it.

I’ve removed the wdxlmwarning.exe file from the WD Directory so I don’t receive alarms at the moment. As far as I know I haven’t changed anything…

I had the same thing start happening last night. Multiple instances of that file open and 100% CPU usage for what it’s worth. No changes on my side either. Nuked them both, rebooted the computer and it was doing it again this morning when I left for work.

Edit: One stuck in taskbar when I got home too


I had 1 running in the taskbar and using up 95% cpu. Had to use task manager to kill it.

problem is because NWS/NOAA have turned off the XML/RSS feed and changed to ATOM/CAP
anyone know info about that change (i.e URL change, etc)

there are 3 threads I see all about the same problem
(you can either turn it off in the WD registry setting, or delete or rename the wdxmlwarning.exe program
(there has been no change to that program, its a change made by NOAA/NWS)

Here are the current url’s for the 2 warning areas I was monitoring.
I don’t know if this helps.



I have the same problem. I did the zip update and then tried to get in to the wdxmlwarning.exe to shut it off and it hung the program. So after getting that shut down, I took the advice and deleted it from the program and right now things seem to be operating, with the exception of that program and any uploads.

I am curious what Interwarn is doing as I think they use the same thing. I have it, but I’d rather use WDisplay . Let me know what is going on as well… I do use that

Is there a way to designate where the data comes from? I’ve been running the CAP warnings coming off a NOAA feed on my own servers for a while and would rather use that.

there is 3 threads all on the same thing
the latest version of WD has a new wdxmlwarning.exe to fix the problem with the changes made by NOAA/NWS
now uses

I was asking if we can use an alternate feed source for warning data like we can for METAR data. We have a feed (in CAP format) on our own servers I’d like to use. Then our use won’t get bogged down during multiple major events. And are probably others running their own warning ingest systems which could use it.

is it in the same format?
if so, then , yes, I could add where you set the URL to use

In my case it’s the same format. And since CAP is now a standard I imagine anyone else would have the data on their system in the standard format.


I will add this option for the next full install update (over the next day or so)

added that ability
to vers 4.0 of the wdxmlwarning.exe
included in the latest full install update