Wdsplay not working

Hey, I downloaded internet explorer 6.0 to upgrade from an earlier ver. and now when i try to open wdisplay i get an error,“A” is not a
valid integer value,it opens but all data is gone no green lights.
I’ve reinstalled the program with the same results,the same with resterting the PC. Win 98

email me your wdisplay.ini file from c:\windows

it will be in that

[Weather dials colour]
font=255 -12 OCR A Extended 0 96 9 nnnn

It is the A in the font

i.e there are too many names as part of the font name
but i think i can get it to handle that…
just delete that line for now…(and reset the font again for the weather dials)

i have trapped this error now…
it occured when the letter name was only 1 in length, i.e the A
uploading a new vers

Thanks once again Brian! Ver.9.26e didn’t change anything but deleting that line worked! GOOD Enough! :smiley:

9.27 handles font names like that OK now

this is good, as this has affected quite a few people in the past before!