WDL won't load after url name change.

Ok, gurus, what am I doing wrong.
My ISP was bought out, and today I had to change over to their name for my url. It was suppose to be painless according to them (yeah right) but now WDL won’t load.
You can see it here: http://www.wideopenwest.com/~looney2ns/wx10.html
Thank you.

The answer is here Serial Number Error, Error Loading Configuration? READ THIS FIRST!

Thanks Niko, I kept expecting to see “Evaluation Version” message. :oops:

Ah, good point, there may be some other problems too, I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

Where is the wdlv4_15.swf file?

Well holy hockey pucks!!!

I’m using wdlv5_03.swf

When I did the change over to the new web server name, it selectively deleted files on the server (jerks). Apparently I uploaded a replacement htm file that is not current.

Knew I should not be doing this with a head cold. #-o

Yep, wdlv5_03.swf is there, so you just need to fix the .html and email Julian for a new serial number.

Thank you very much Niko. I’m now down to Serial number error.
Will await Julian’s magic fix. :wink: