WDL with WXT510 on SLUG

i have a linksys SLUG (NSLU2) that i have rebuilt to run debian with apache
this works fine but being an embedded system does not have X installed, hence no GUI so i downloaded the Linux Console only version
however i can not see now what else i have to do !
the config.txt file does not list the WXT510?
and there appears to be nowhere to configure which com port i am using ?
i assume then that i run Gowdconsole.sh ?

any help would be appreciated !

i would need to add support for that station type first…which I can do
second, you just set the port as U
and it then it will use tty.USB0
(it should say that in the config.txt, or at least I did post that info in the original NSLU2 thread (have you see that?)

many thanks for the fix, however when i try to run it i get and error message
see below
“-bash: ./consolewd: cannot execute binary file”

what fix?
i have not made the consolewd with wxt510 support for the slug yet

sorry it’s just that the latest ver now has
Weather station type=60 // Irox=59,WMR100=232,WMR968=8, Davis VP=31,Davis WMMII=4, WH1081=166, 2310=60,WXT510=190

in the config file ??

thats the consolewd program for a normal pc
and no the special slug version
(i.e compiled for a ARM type processor)
you cant use the normal PC version on a slug

that explains why it wont run !

its a separate file download too
see the thread about wdconsole for the NSLU2 for more info

download and install this:

then download this file

to replace the executable file to where you have wdconsole installed
(and rename from projectslug after unzipping to consolewd)
(and set the station type to 190)

just wondering how you got on