WDL registration

I am about to change my domain from www.dataguard.co.nz to www.mangawhaiweather.co.nz does my registration number need to be changed for the new domain name


Yes, and if you have MML it does too…

Contact Julian, Softvark for WDL and Chris, Administrator, for MML…

Actually I am not sure the Registration number changes, they just need to update their data for your station to allow it to continue…



I had to change my host last February and Julian gave me a different registration number. A couple of months ago I got the Premium version and another number was issued by Julian.

–Stan Y.
Maui, Hawaii

WDL needs a new serial number.

MML is a change I need to make, but no new serial number unless you use MML Desktop.

Thanks I have sent Julian a message

some big easterly winds coming your wau Tonyva tomorrow, batten down the hatches, could be 150kmh winds off shore from you

Thanks Brian, things pretty gloomy here now :frowning:

I have transferred to WDL to www.mangawhaiweather.co.nz and when WDL loads it displays Serial Number Error

You sure it was www.mangawhaiweather.co.nz and not mangawhaiweather.co.nz?

Also did you update the Serial Number here?


Hi Bob

I have not recieved my new serial number yet from Julian

please note that Julian lives in the UK and so you need to take note of the time differences from NZ
(and the fact its still sunday there)

New serial sent :slight_smile:


Thanks Julian

Chris my MesoMAp for WDL comes up with incorrect URL or user name, where do I need to make the changes for that to function again.


Answered in the other thread about this.

looks like you had a big storm tony!
60 knot winds, torrential rain, power cuts

looks like a power cut might have corrupted WD’s graphs?
try, action, convert wd logfiles to graphs, and then click on convert and then click on recreate last 31 days data

Yes it was rally scary stuff, lots of broken trees around my property and neighbourhood, had a lot of power cuts so left WD computer shut down for 16 hours. I have now converterd graphs