WDL quit working this morning - See the error I'm getting

WDL has been working on our website for about a month now. It was working this morning, and now I’m getting the following error: “The page cannot be displayed because the request range was not satisfiable.” The URL is: http://lebanair.com/meteohub2/s30w.html

I don’t know if this is a WDL issue, or an issue on my server. Does anyone out there have any ideas for me?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Looks OK right now, I do not see any error messages/

Working fine for me too.

works fine for me as well, no messages and from the 63F , I would be glad sending you some of the conditions over at this side of the country… :wink:

next time you see that message on WDL, click on the refresh screen button on your browser and see if that fixes it. Sometimes the browser doesn’t get all of the image, and I would guess that the program where ever it is, sometimes has a burp.