Hi all,

I need a little guidance. I have recentlly started using Mozilla Firefox 0.92 and when I view my own webpages my WDL display is very very shrunk and some of the frames on the page do not load properly… although other sites using WDL appear fine…any clues anyone ?

It’s your doctype declaration at the head of the page -

If you remove it you’ll see the page appear correctly. However it’s good practice to have the declaration. Have a look at http://www.mozilla.org/docs/web-developer/quirks/doctypes.html which explains Mozilla’s use of it in more depth than you would ever wish to know :slight_smile:


Thanks Julian, will give it go in due course.

…and I still love WDL…

Hi Julian,

Having removed the line suggested, I am still having problems. My frameset is still not displaying correctly when viewed with Mozilla…I know it has got something to do with loading my background images as these are not being loaded when viewed with Mozilla…but i cannot work what is wrong…browser compatibility is not one of my better subjects…

At least WDL is the correct size now. The background image not showing through WDL may because the embed tag needs the line wmode=transparent. Basically IE uses param tags and Netscape/Mozilla recognises the embed tag - hence the need to provide them both.


Hi Julian,

I thought I had that set, so haven’t been looking for that. Will have another look at my source code.