WDL data xfer local copy instead of FTP?

I am currently testing WD, and WDL
i so far absoultly love it
it is so much for feature packed then the peet brothers weather software.
I am using the test WDL feature, and am loving it also, however i was wondering,
is there a way, INSTEAD of FTPing the rawdata file to my web server
my web server and weather station computer are on the same network…
is there a way i can use a direct file transfer like a copy, for both the rawdata, and the weather data for the web site
instead of using an FTP transfer?!

You can set the location of the clientraw files in WD. Go to Control Panel - Web files/Web page /Real time etc - Web Files Setup # 1, then click on ‘Set Location for Clientraw files’.


Ah ok awsome, i got the WDL data to copy directly to the web server directory,
and it seems to update alot beter obviously then an ftp session is.
does this mean i can also do the same wih the web file upload?!
it seems from what your saying that i can, and i thought i set it up that way, however it seems to still be doing an FTP for the web page upload?!
can that be change to local copy as well?! and do away all together with the FTP?!
also?! are there any manuals written for this software?! to explain all the pages and set ups and describe what everything is on all the config pages?!

I think you can do the same with the web files but I’m sure someone will be able to advise for certain.

There is a help file on the weather-watch.com site and there is an FAQ section on this website.


This post may help with using WD with your own local web server…