WDisplay.exe Crashing - Access Violation

I moved WDisplay to a new PC recently and the program is now crashing. Here’s the error I get in programerrorlog.txt:

ERROR: Access violation at address 0077EF61 in module ‘WeatherD.exe’. Read of address 00000268 at time/date 1:48 pm 12/23/12
Above error or program log occured at :1:48 pm 12/23/12

The memory address changes. Some of the errors seem like a program error trying to read memory at address 00000000, like this:

ERROR: Access violation at address 018F8659 in module ‘WeatherD.exe’. Read of address 00000000 at time/date 1:48 pm 12/23/12
Above error or program log occured at :1:48 pm 12/23/12

The PC is running XP, up to date. I’m using the serial data logger with a new USB to Serial converter. Previously we used a serial port but the computer doesn’t have one. The crashing happens on average about 6 hours after the computer reboots, but it can vary from an hour to a couple days. Weather Display version is the latest, 10.37R build 45. I reinstalled the program and it didn’t fix the error.

If any more info is needed to diagnose the issue let me know and I’ll get it. I’d be very appreciative for any help. Thanks!

not sure why you have that problem
try a new install, to a new directory location, with a file there called
then start it up there
then it should start up like brand new
there is a also a debug version, which should produce an error report

Brian, thanks a lot for the reply and Merry Christmas. Before I do what you suggested, I want to clarify a few things. What files do I need to move to get the settings and such moved over? I don’t want to move anything over that could continue causing the crashing. What am I trying to accomplish with the 2wd.txt? Sorry for my ignorance about that…I tried googling but didn’t find a lot. I’ll go ahead and install the fresh version in a new location but won’t move anything over yet. Thanks again.

As it’s WeatherD.exe that’s being reported as causing the error then just download and install a new version as Brian has said and start with a basic setup to see if the Weatehr Display will run. Then add in the station details and make sure it runs when recording live data.
If this is OK then you can think about bringing other settings and historic data files across. :wink:

It seems two installations can’t read from the COM port at the same time. I moved the WDISPLAY.ini file over, but it doesn’t seem that all my internet settings show up in the new installation. I thought the settings file would do it, but is there something different I need to do with the 2wd.txt file?

You can only run one instance of WD at a time on one PC.
Just try to prove that the new install works for now, forget the internet and other settings.
Start with a scratch install for testing and work from there, as if you were starting for the first time.

That makes sense. I went ahead and copied over the web, data, and log folders along with WDisplay.ini. The new installation is now crashing. There are several years of data from the station…could that somehow be causing the issue? Should I delete the new installation, install another fresh version, and then add in my settings again manually? We upload data a lot of places, so that’s no ideal, but I’ll do it if necessary.

The idea here is just to try & find out what is causing WD to crash on your PC so start with a fresh install, no settings and see if it starts & runs.
If the program runs OK, then add the basic manual settings like you position and station type, does WD continue to run OK?
If so then add a few more settings like your graph or output file settings.

Slowly build the settings up over time to match your old install and see if/at what point WD starts to crash so Brain can pin-point the cause. :wink:

During this testing phase don’t load any files from your old installation as there could be something, like corrupted file, that causing the crashes and transferring that across will start the crashes but it won’t be obvious why.

It may mean a couple of days without data being uploaded to some sites but it’s better to find the issue in a methodical way than to blindly stumble around in the hope you’ll come across the problem in the end. :wink:

Did the debug version show any error report?