Wddatabase has gaps in data if wdisplay goes down

I am just getting to grips with this weather stuff having just got my station in the past week, a Vantage Pro with Bluewave datalogger and Bluewave Solar sensor. I have wdisplay up and running OK and have now setup wddatabase (dont know enough about MySQL yet to try that). I have not yet registered Wdisplay I am only trying it out.

I am currently in a position wher my computer connected to the station is not up during the night, so when wdisplay starts up in the morning it downloads the records from the night OK, however it does not write any of them to the database. Could it be modified to fill in these records?

because the database is updated by a separate .exe program, then that is why it misses updating it…as its relying on now data…
but I could have it where with the database program you can reload a month set of data,…
that currently works OK with the mysql database program…to get missing data…

Thanks for the update. I am not sure why you could not have WD write out the missing records when it starts up and downloads all the missing stuff from the datalogger, assuming that the database program is up and running. Perhaps it could be an option to do it in case it takes too long and some people may want to turn it off. My problem is that I’ll be missing about 8 hours worth every night from the database as my computer cannot stay on 24/7!

Same situation happend to me today. Power went out and after 6 hours I restarted the WC computer. With the data logger I figured all the data would be uploaded to WD when it started up. WD came up with a box saying it was doing so (getting data from the logger) and after a minute there was no data. Any way to make this work like it should or at least how we wish it to work. :wink:

Robert do you find your data missing in the database or is it missing altogether? I can find the archived stuff in the text files like 122004lg.txt etc it was just in my case I find that I have gaps in the database, and it does not matter if it is the microsoft one or mysql whichever you use has gaps.

Also I have found that if you install a new level of WD (complete install) it somehow resets the time stamp used to calculate last run time and does not load the archive at all! So the moral there is never install a new version after a failure, always run the old one first to capture any missed records,then stop and do the install quickly as you may still miss one or two records!

Missing all the data.

Robert it is good you fixed your problem, but I think it is different from mine. In my case WD does read the data from the logger OK and it populates some of the log/data files just fine. Unfortuneatly it does not get it all correct so there are data gaps in the database. My logger is a Bluewave one BTW.

see my other thread on this broadstairs where I am going to do some work on this