WDconsole - Some news, bugs, etc...

Some news about WDconsole here. Working with WDconsole since a moment now and I’m pretty happy ! Really, it is a nice piece of soft. There are some points to see :

  • “RainFall Last 7 days” stays always empty
  • What about forecast for Davis VP2 ?
  • CWOP sometime cut (server is not available… Option to redirect to another server do not seems to be working, but I didn’t investigate more …)
  • clock is wrong, show UTC instead of EDT (supposed I’m the only one… but did not work for me, my clock and settings are correct on my Linux server. Anyway, nobody was able to answer to my questions about Linux… (see in PS))


About my clock

  • Bios clock is local time
  • Linux command “date” print local time on my server
  • Linux command “date - u” print UTC (or GMT) time on my server
    Any suggestion to be sure I’m not wrong ?

the consolewd is not going to ever be 100% complete like the full x windows version for linux
its possible I could add in support for the last 7 days rain (I have not added that, which is why that is not working)
the forecast from the davis VP is too much for the simple consolewd program , its alot of lines of code (200 or more), and then people will want that in different languages, and so I need to draw the line somewhere (besides, for alot of places, the forecast from the VP or other electronic weather stations is not very accurate)

yes, I had not allowed to try another cwop server at this stage

yes, you are still the only person reporting the problem with the time

As I said the first time about this idea, I do not need all features of the Windows interface.

For the forecast, is it possible just transfert the data coming from the VP2 console ? I don’t think the windows interface support other languages, no? Actually, I left an empty place for this on WDL, so if you don’t think to add it at all, I will delete this on WDL and just keep the logo. Perhaps it could be a good idea and less job for you to have a txt file attached to be able to do our own translation if needed? If I can help, it will be with a great pleasure.

For for the last 7 days rain, it is really not an emergency, I just thought it was a mistake or a bug …

About time, perhaps I am the only one using it :slight_smile: … Anyway as I said before, nobody is able to answer to a simple question about Linux, I’m a bit surprise, because all information I get from my server are right.

Will hope you will improve this great soft, when you will have time.

the forecast from a electronic weather station is never going to be all that accurate, and so is just a guide
you could just put a link to your official forecast on your WDL web page

as for the time problem that only you have, is it that the local time, reported in the WD logfile, or for the current time for WDL,that is not correct, or is it the UTC time used for say wunderground reports that is not correct?
because no one else is reporting that the local time is not correct for them, then that is why I say its something about your linux setup
but I could try and find the time to add in a offset hour for you

How to do that? If I can find a temporary alternative, of couse I will do it. But VP2 offer a nice feature …

I don’t use wunderground but I can try it.

About time offset, it is not so simple, I use this server for other services, and one of them is email… And till now, time is correct. So if I add an offset, my emails and web services will get some non sens problem.

But this is the super lightweight version of WD. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect Brian to add a feature which only applies to one particular weather station, and for many locations doesn’t provide any useful information.

I agree with Niko This is a light version. If you want more features use the other versions.

See Ken True’s www.saratoga-weather.org site. Under “scripts, forecasts” he has a nice script to get the Environment Canada forecast onto your website, it’s even bilingual.

re the time offset, i meaning a time offset that just applies to consolewd only and how it handles your local time
that is not going to affect other programs

is scheduled adding the possibility of extracting data from logger (of course if wdconsole users will donate money to the project) or that feature will not covered and development of wdconsole will focus only on fixing bugs and eventually supporting other weatherstations ?


what weather station type?
what are those? 8O
(not exactly a flood I can tell you that)

wh1080pc aka elecsa 6975
capacity logger 4000 data

i dont have the history working in the full windows version (unless via the data file that the easyweather updates)
so its not going to be available for the consolwd version anytime soon
(the problem is, there is no good protocol information available for that station to work out how to deal with the history data (i.e memory locations of the stored data, etc)
with the consolewd version, which is designed to just run and run, you should not be needing the history data

If it is not possible to use forecast, is it possible to use weather icon in WDL? I try it but gives me strange pictures. It is day and I have a moon …

That should be a temporary solution. In fact, in some softs you have this option, to set an offset.

Will see that!

ok, new update ready,vers 3.2
(and remove the .dat once downloaded)
and add
to the config.txt
(and your time zone hour number needed there)
before starting that new version

Thanks, but … definitively, there is something wrong. I’ve taken your new executable file, restart all, put timezone=-4 but time still GMT (utc).


Home_YM:~/meteo$ ./GoWDconsole.sh
utc hour=16
local hour=16
31 2
Weather station type is a Davis VP
time zone adjust =-4
Latitude= 45.6
Longitude= 73.7
Station name =Montreal (Qc) CANADA
Daily rain startup= 0.0
Monthly rain startup= 0.0
wunderground username =
wunderground password =
wunderground utc =-5
Barooffset= 0.0
Comport number= 1
Yes Revb Davis VP
Davis rain gauge 0.2mm
Will do mysql updates

the time report is before the time hour adjust was loaded
but times after that should be working, yes?

No, time report is AFTER the time adjust was loaded. Time is not working, as before.

Example, from my Linux console:

Home_YM:~# date
Mon Aug 18 08:02:06 EDT 2008
Home_YM:~# date -u
Mon Aug 18 12:02:10 UTC 2008

WDconsole already show UTC time, not local time. It is 8h00am here, local time but WDconsole show 12h00.

utc hour=16
local hour=16
31 2
Weather station type is a Davis VP
time zone adjust =-4