Wd works with weatherlink logs?


I archived my wireless WM968 station, and got a wired Vantage Pro Plus.
That’s a very reliable station.

My question: is it possible to Import every x-time the logfiles created with weatherlink into Weather Display from disk. Haven’t found out yet how to do so.

If this is not possible yet, let this be a feature request Windy, if u need sample logs let me know.

Thanks and continue your good work!

Hi Superdino

you are still with us
thats good!
you should be able to import via action ,import log files from other softwarwe, davis log file setup
but the problem is davis keep changing the format of theeir export log file with different versions of weather link or different stations /sensors combination , etc

Hi Windy,

yes, sure - I am still here.
Windy, I tried importing the logfiles, nothing happened. WD just showed “updating wd log files” - then nothing happened.

Any Idea?

It would also be a great idea, to create a routine, that imports logfiles every x-minutes automatically. What do you think?


email me the davis export file, and i will have a look at it
you can get wd to release the com port and then schedule weather link to download the data every day, and then exit