WD Works - I have Data !!

Well Folks,

After much effort I was able to get Weather Display running on my Mac. As many
suggested, using the Keyspan USB-Serial converter did the trick.

Many thanks to all who helped, put up with me in getting this done. I still
have some questions (another post) but wanted to use this thread to
say thanks.

Best regards and Happy New Year…

Great News for the New Year! I learned the hard way that the KeySpan was the most compatible
for the Mac. Sometimes it pays to get the best.

Here’s a trick you might try… Go into “preferences”- “sharing”, and check “Screen Sharing.” If you’ve got a wireless network, go to another Mac, and get the “Chicken of the VNC” client and install it. Then start the app, and add the IP of your Mac that’s running WD. You’ll get the screen with control of WD via mouse from anywhere you are - no need to get up and check the weather - do it remotely! (You can do the same on a remote Windows box with a Windows VNC client too. (I guess - I don’t run Windows at home)