WD won't post to Facebook after switching from one Facebook account to the other

Yesterday I switched on the “Send to Facebook instead” option for the first time ever. (The one on the Twitter config window in WD)

After I granted permission to WD to use my Facebook account, I realised I was (in the browser) logged in to the wrong Facebook account, because the WD updates were appearing just fine, but on the wrong Facebook page. #-o

I deleted the Facebook posts, and removed the WD authorisation for this Facebook account.

I deleted facebook.ini, logged (in the browser) into the correct Facebook account, and was able to authorise the correct Facebook account.
Both “Send to Facebook instead” and “Still update Twitter” are ticked in the WD settings.

Twitter updates like it should. But… Nothing is being posted to Facebook…


Thx :smiley:

what if you manually run wdfacebook.exe

If I do that, there is a window that pops up and disappears really fast. I cannot see the contents of that window.

what I mean is any update to facebook?

Note that at this stage wdfacebook is not able to post to a page with in a page

No. Manually running wdfacebook.exe does not post anything to Facebook.

It DID do that when I was logged in with the first/wrong Facebook account though. Then, when I clicked wdfacebook.exe, an update was posted. But not with this second Facebook account.

And it is not a page within a page. Because WD cannot handle that at the moment, a separate account was created, especially for WD.

are you sure you set it up to post to the account you are checking for posts on ?

Yes. And when I am logged in to this newly (yesterday) created account I can also see there is one app that has permission to post to this account, and that is WD. And posts are set to “Public”.

I would like to suggest there is something you have not done correctly in the setup process somewhere

I thought, you might have a point… So I disconnected Facebook from WD, removed the authorisation, and I (re-)connected and reauthorised WD to my personal Facebook account. Lo and behold… It works. But on the wrong account, so… Disconnect all, remove all authorisations, connect to and authorise especially for WD created Facebook account… Aaaaaand nothing… :scratch:

I tried this several times. It would seem the one account I specifically created for WD does not want to accept WD posts. How weird is that…


You know Facebook doesn’t like people having more than one account and possibly they re blocking as a result?


I know. That’s why I created an entirely new account, especially for my WD, not in any way related to my personal account.
And for what it’s worth, I can manually create posts/updates on that new account. And in the list of authorised apps, WD is the only app there, and it has all access…


You should have just created a page linked to your own personal FB account as opposed to a new account. Maybe FB is tracking that IP and feels as though you shouldn’t be using two separate accounts?

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I could have created a page with my own personal Facebook account of course, but then there’s the problem that WD cannot post to a page created under a personal account. Updates will appear in the main news feed of the personal profile, and not on the page that’s linked to it.

And I hardly suspect Facebook is on a “one account per IP” system. That would mean “one account per household”… It would also make it impossible to use Facebook when at school or work. So I don’t think that’s it :wink:

But thx anyway :slight_smile:

it might be a IE browser cookie problem
try clearing those
then re do the login (i.e delete the facebook.ini file)

Sounded like a good idea, but didn’t do the trick.

I removed the WD authorisation on Facebook. Logged out of Facebook. With only a blank browser tab open, I cleared all history. Cookies and everything.
I then deleted facebook.ini, and went to WD to set it up once again. The setup process went like it should, with Facebook asking me if it’s okay that WD sees profile stuff (Yes), and who will be allowed to see what WD posts (Public). In the Apps section of Facebook WD is displayed, showing it has rights to post anything… But still… No posts…

Hi There
I’m having the same issue. Did you ever resolve this. I have a feeling it has something to do with weather display itself. I did the same as you it worked once. I then changed accounts and it died. When trying to run the send data test it’s like it loads but then fails. Also the first time I ran the setup after authorisation a second window come up with a link, message etc. This now no longer comes up when doing the setup again and also when running the test the window appears then closes. Looks like a bug to me

I ended up making a batch script that emails my image to facebook. Much easier this way and works a treat. I’m sure the WD one works but i’m just missing something. Anyway case closed

Can I persuade you in sharing your batch script solution? :slight_smile:

Sure. Im not home this weekend but will upload it during the week

Hey there
First you need to find out your Facebook post email address.
Then download an emailer exe called blat.
Save blat and the batch file below in a directory on your pc and use task scheduler to call the batch file however often you want to upload the image.
If you have any issues let me know. Works great for posting to a page.

@echo off
:::::::::::::: Lets set some variables ::::::::::::::
set [email protected]
set [email protected]
set server=-server mail.yourserver.com
set subj=-s “Weather Update”
set debug=-debug -log blat.log -timestamp
::::::::::::::::: Now we run Blat! :::::::::::::::::
blat %0 -to %eMail% -f %From% %subj% %server% -attach C:\wdisplay\webfiles\summary.gif %debug%