WD won't close and New Program Installed message

I just installed WD. Two issues: 1) I keep getting the “New Program Installed” message when I hit the start button and 2) Even after I close WD, the task manager says that WD is using 50% of the computer CPU.

It is a new install, and I have not connected a weather station yet – does this matter?



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  1. I assume this is XP? I suspect this is a Windows issue rather than a WD problem. The message is generated by Windows and not WD.

  2. Is Task Manager showing WeatherD.exe consuming 50% of the CPU, or is it some other program? I wonder if you have two copies of WD installed and/or running, so when you close one down the other is still left running. Having said that 50% of CPU sounds like a lot unless it’s quite an old PC. What spec CPU and how much memory does it have?

I am using Windows XP Pro.

I have never had the persistent “New Program Installed” problem before and I have installed many, many programs.

I am using a new Dell XPS PC with an Intel Pentium 3 GHz dual core processor and 2 GB of RAM.

There is only one version of the software installed.

I am no expert, but it seems there are some problems here with the software and how it installed itself, I think the two issues may be linked.


i have never heard of this problem before now…i.e that error message like that
seems strange
does not make sense to me

I don’t remember reports from anyone else about the ‘New Program Installed’ getting stuck after installing WD. I don’t know exactly how that mechanism works, but I think it’s Windows that decides to do it and not a function of the software installation package (there’s an advanced option on the start menu that tells Windows whether to display it or not) other than the installation package does something that Windows spots…probably adding entries to the Start Menu. A quick Google on the subject suggests that other software installations occasionally do this as well, so that again makes me thing it’s not a WD specific issue. One site suggested that the problem can occur if you get a corrupted registry entry, so maybe you could check that.

WD also uses the registry, so perhaps that’s suffering from a registry corruption as well?

One final thought…I don’t think many people have used WD on dual core CPUs yet. I can’t think why that would specifically cause problems, but WD is multi-threaded so it’s possible that XP has decided to run thr threads on different cores. Then when WD has shut down a thread has been left running on one core. That thread might then be getting confused when it can’t find the rest of the program and looping badly.

All conjecture and guesses though at this stage.