WD with local IIS server

Hi guys,
I am going to run weather display on the same machine that hosts my website whcih use IIS.
Instead of using WD to ftp can I get it to just run a batch file that copies the latest web files to the IIS wwwroot folder?
I notice in the FTP/Internet setup under the connections tab you can execute your own ftp or file instaed of using WD’s ftp program.
If I point this to the batch file to do the copying will it run every 5 mins according to the web page/upload generation times?
and…I assume that I just need to copy the files that are localted in the “webfiles” directory under the WD instatallation?

one more…What files and directories do I need to backup in order to get another copy of all the data WD has generated and collected from the weather station?

Thanks, your help is much appreciated. :smiley:

Check out

Setup > Control Panel > Web Files, Web Page Realtime etc > Web Files Setup #1 > Set Web Files Location

I think it will just write/update the files directly where you want them.

ahh yes that should do the trick! Thanks mate.

so to start to generate the web files will I have to turn the “main internet switch” on under ftp/internet setup —> connections?
Or is that just for ftp?
Will it just generate the files as long as WD is running or xhould the main internet switch be on?
Thanks again.

You’ll need the main internet switch on, and if you look on that page there’s check box Use Weather Display FTP (uncheck to create files locally) that should be unchecked, and you’ll need to set up a schedule on the Web Files Upload Times page.

Thanks guys, I will try out shortly…la crosse weather station is due today!