WD wind speed freezing

Hi I’ve recently been encountering a really frustrating partial freeze of WD which seems to occur any time of day / night. WD continues to update most data except for the windspeed that locks out at whatever the speed was. VP console still recording all data as usual.This happened overnight last night so I closed and re-started WD and it happened again almost immediately.

The error log (view>program>error log) is showing the following:
ERROR: ‘‘7.4E+0229’’ is not a valid integer value at time/date 07:08:24 09/06/2011
Access violation at address 00407D0A in module ‘WeatherD.exe’. Read of address 3E726F69
ERROR: Access violation at address 00406904 in module ‘WeatherD.exe’. Read of address 3E646934 at time/date 07:10:17 09/06/11
Invalid floating point operation
Invalid floating point operation

Grateful for any help, on resolving this one, please.

Go to WD Downloads from link above and select the Beta.exe to download as that has some coding for error catching. It writers a Eureka file WeatherD.elf file in the root of C:. Post that here for Windy to analyse. It is a Build 43 version so quite recent.


you do not say which version and build of WD you are using

the error looks to be with the all time records data (check for any data corruption like numbers like that shown ,7.4E+0229, in the wdisplay.ini file)

but also make sure to be using a recent version of WD