WD / WDL Web Problem

Hello all!

I am playing the “newbie” card here and am after some advice regarding WD / WDL and FTP to a website.

After a year of bliss of WD / WDL uploading to my website, which I’m sure I managed to get to through luck rather than professional judgement, my HDD crashed.

Now, I have managed to get all my data back and, after replacing my HDD, am back up and running with WD. I’ve impressed even myself. Sorry, ONLY myself. Until now…

I am having trouble getting WD to talk to my web address. I can get there, Firefox can get there. But can I get WD to? No!

I have two questions - 1) Why do I keep getting an FTP 10060 Timeout Error? I have turned off my Firewall and Anti-Virus and it still won’t talk…

And 2) Is there any way I can avoid using FTP, seeing as my website is hosted on the same machine as WD / WDL? Seems somewhat silly to fire data off in to the Internerd for it to be chucked back at my same machine!

I am getting frustrated with my lack of knowledge more than anything! When it works, it works. When it doesn’t, time to get all moody…


Control panel, FTP, Connections, there is a checkbox for “Use WD’s FTP, uncheck to create file locally only”. Uncheck that box but leave the main internet switch on. Then the files will just be created in the webfiles folder and not FTP’d.

If you need them in another folder then that can be done too.