WD watchdog program


You mentioned before in an email to me about a watchdog program to restart WD should it unexpectedly quit.

ANy news on this one???

Great idea there, sometimes WD just quits on me for no apparant reason sometimes at night when im at sleep. But a tool to restart the program would be nice.

You could try the watchdog-o-matic


i had got bogged down with other things ian (like farm work, shock horror)
but the watch dog o matic looks real neat…
but i have been thinking about how to do it…
i just had to come up with a way of not restarting it i you close it normaly etc
what i was thinking was checking for a ini file entry, which is the current time or something like that
when that has not been updated, the program has crashed…


what about having some sort of flag (indicator) in one of the many data or text files that wd has, each time wd is started it sets the indicator to say “on” and when wd is exited normally it sets it to say “off”

then your watchdog program simply compares the timestamp on the last 2 data entries(you need to decide how often it checks) & if the minutes are more than 1 minute apart (except for 59 & 0) then wd has stopped updating the data files (so one could assume it has been exited or crashed)
. If the above is true & also the flag is still set to on (ie hasnt been exited normally) then the watchdog program restarts wd.

what do you think??