WD v9.58e script log error

Since I have updated to version 9.58e I have the following problem. I use the script log text to produce a single line output for scripting to be read by my home automation system. The previous version 9.54 was ok. The 16th bit of information is suppose to be the wind chill and it worked fine on the older version. With the new version I am getting the wrong information for the wind chill. I tried the the 15th bit and it is the same as the outdoor temp. Below is the output for my script log text as you can see it shows a wind chill of 78.1F with and outdoor temp of 31.5F.

Script log txt
year,month,day,hour,minute,second,wind(mph),gust(mph),dir,inhum,hum,intemp,temp (oF),dew point,heat index,wind chill,baro,yearrain,monthrain,dayrain,hourrain,minuterain,Davis vp solar
2003,02,19,09,45,35,0,6,194,19,76,75.2,31.5,24.8,31.5,78.1,30.147, 0.6,0.3,0.0,0.0,0.0, 0,0.0

Outdoor temp shows 31.5F
Wind Chill shows 78.1F not recording correctly?

Has something changed in the making of the log or is it reading the wrong information? Thanks Dave…

what is the custom tag you are using? (for windchill)

Hello Windy: I dont really understand the question. I am using the old style set up for wind chill. I have tried checking the box to use the new style and no help. It worked on the prior version 9.54 that I had running. If I am set up wrong, please try to direct me to the right set up. I have looked at the help file but that is minimal and not much help. Thanks for the quick reply. Dave…

you are using a custom log file, yes?
email me your customlog.txt file…?

ahh, i had it saving as oF even if oC was in use (and for heat index)
fixed now for next version

Brian: Thanks I will eagerly await the next rev. Dave… :smiley:

done, download a new 9.59b now :slight_smile:

Brian: Just downloaded 9.59c and wind chill is still reading wrong on the one line text. Thanks for trying, it used to work on 9.54e maybe you can check out. Thanks Dave…

i will get this checked/fixed soon…
just been very busy!

Thanks Brian: When you can get to it that will be fine. To me it almost looks like it is reading the heat index at position 16 and position 15 is the wind chill but it is not calculating the wind chill properly. Thanks Brian, get to it when you can. Dave…

Interesting.hmmmm? I went under setup, display unit options, and checked the use new windchill formula, then went to graph, setup, lower the temp dew lines. and now it seems to be working. Have I had settings wrong? I know in prior versions I had tried this setting and in version 9.54 it just worked I did not have to check anything.
Does the heat index play a part in this?
When does the program know wind chill or head index. I will let you know if it continues to work. Thanks… Dave

Brian: I have waited for a few updates and have not seen the wind chill temp, in the script log only the apparant temp in its place. Could you possibly add the wind chill as a seperate data point and leave the apparant temp in there too. I would rather have the true wind chill reading and not the apparant reading. Hope you remember this string from last month… Thanks Dave…