WD Time Tags

I have searched these boards and the only relevant post I have been able to locate regarding my question is linked below, located from a 2002 post…

On the custom tags, about half of the times reported are in 12 hour format, half are in 24 hour format.......ahem....errr.....I'd prefer to be able to have them all in 12 hour format.....
In working with the tags today I found that the following tags displayed the time in what i would consider proper 12 hour format...

%time% = 6:40 PM
%sunriset% = 7:20 am
%maxgstt% = 12:44 PM
as well as sunset, moon rise and set…

However the following time tags result in a sorta 24 hour format but not really LOL

%maxtempt% = 03:26 PM
%mintempt% = 02:52 AM

The 4 digit format seems out of place and also a mix of AM/PM and am/pm

If this has already been addressed and tags are available that coordinate all of these time formats I have been unable to locate that…

WD Version 10.20o

Any help or a pointer in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


I hadn’t actually noticed the mixing of upper and lower case but you are right about the general inconsistencies in leading zeroes versus no leading zero. And 12:xx AM seems to always be expressed as 00:xx AM. As a long time user of VWS, written by an American programmer, that product’s user forum is loaded with reports from those outside the US about similar inconsistencies in use of metric. So the problem is at least understandable.

Well I should know better, being in the line of work I am in, but I failed to provide a URL…

The actual file in question is:

This is an include in the left column on:

For anyone that looks around my site it is a mix of WD and another weather software and I don’t want to, nor plan to, debate the merits of either :wink:

Regardless of whether this is something that can be corrected, or not, that file will continue to be generated by WD as it provides the information I want to display in that area :slight_smile:


Some of it is driven by the time format setting on the PC too so it’s a pretty complex issue. There is an international standard for time display, ISO 8601, for the 24 hour format, but I don’t know if there is an actual standard for the 12 hour AM/PM system. I don’t like seeing AM/PM with 24 hour format times but it’s not such a big deal.

those tags are derived from the time on the main wd screen, i.e the at time, in the extremes part of the screen, and those times are done via the setting set under setup,extra and misc settings,.,…i.e to use am/pm and 12/24 hour time
note that the time format of the max/min will not change until that threshold has been reachaed/reset…
and yes your windows regional time settings are also important and play a part too
and also if extracting data from the datalogger, the time is is in the format from the data logger to (just to add to the confusion, LOL)

Is there a setting that takes the AM/PM off the times on dailyhighlowbaroetc.gif ?


Try this
Setup> Extra/Misc. Setting

Ah, I think you got it, thanks :slight_smile: Didn’t occur to me that those two weren’t linked #-o

Mine has been set to use “Show time as am/pm on time” and the 24 hour option has been unchecked since I set it up…

Still getting a mix. Like I said minor nag is all…


maybe try setting your windows regional time setting format to 24 hour time, and then that will stop confusion…so that then a PM time will be a 24 hour time)

My machines are always set to 24 hours clock as that is how I display time for myself locally…

In any event I went ahead and checked both 24 hour and Show am/pm in Setup/Extra/Misc… just to see what happens over next 24 hours.


Edit: erased bump as that issue was solved