WD tags to long for tables - any good ideas?

Hi all,

I use tables in frontpage to get a neat layout for my custom page with WD data but because of the long WD tags the tables are completely messed up. (tables expand in two directions to fit the long tags)

Of course when the tags are replaced by the actual values, the table size is restored but editing in frontpage to get a good layout is very difficult and VERY frustrating…

I obviously don’t have enough HTML knowledge to solve this in another way… :?

(this is NOT a complaint towards WD)

:!: HELP!

Erik de Ruiter
‘WeerHut Zwijndrecht’
The Netherlands

what would be good, i guess, is if it created a WYSIWYG, in weather display, and have a drop down to select the tag you want (like on the new custom screen), and have another window of the actual web page you are creating…

but then i would need routines to write the base html code…