WD stops logging/FTPing

After several days of tweaking I finally for Weather Display working and my Web site up and running with a WMR-968.

maybe check:
that you have a wmr968 station type selected
have you a barometer offset set (under setup, control panel, barometer offset and rainfall (it needs to be set at 61 (hpa) for starts for that weather station type
and also check under view, program error log for any errors

if the data recieved light is flashing , thats a good sign
also, what does it say across the top of the weather display main window screen

WMR-968 is selected.

The barometer offset is in the Control Panel there from when I originally set up the program.

Under program error log, I have three lines of one character “8”.

The title bar of WD displays:

ok, good its ok on the other pc
so, maybe its some settings in wd
so, try:
install wd to a new directory
then create a file their called 2wd.txt (make sure its not called 2wd.txt.txt (untick hide known file extensions in the windows folder, tools, folder options…

then wd will start up like brand new
as reset things up again
as a test
try that

I found a fix.

maybe i have them the wrong way around?
there is a small difference between the older wmr918 and the wmr 968 stations, to do with the barometer…
i will investigate
good work