WD still locking up on my WIN XP Pro

I’m still having problems with WD locking up on my system at different times throughout the day. It’s been happening for several versions now and at different times of the day.

I figured I could “side-step” the problem by having WD reboot the computer twice a day, but today, it locked up on me about 2 hours after the reboot.

One interesting thing I did notice, is that information was being FTP’d to Weather Underground. The graphs continue to update, etc. It’s just that they’re not updating to my web page. When I got home this evening, I came and checked WD. It was minimized, and as soon as I brought it up, I got the error that WD has to be shut down.

I’m blown away by this. Usually After a few version upgrades, these kinds of problems for me seem to go away - Not this time.

I don’t know what to do, and ideas would be great!

FYI: The system is a P4, 2.4 with 512 MB RAM. My OS is Windows XP Pro. I’m using WD Ver. 9.58b

Thanks in advance!

There may be some info over in my “12AM, 1AM WD dies, every day” thread. We have had a lot of posts there and I can’t remember what all is in it but I started that thread because of the same basic problem you are having. Good Luck!

I’ve looked there, and can’t find anything to get me running right again :cry:

I’ve seen this occur when using Win98 as well.

Try the “stationless mode” see what happens after a 6 hour run that way. Look at WD in the Task Manager and see how much memory it uses at startup and a few hours later. The higher it climbs, the more likely it is to crash. Email Brian direct if it continues to be a problem. He will work with you that way. :slight_smile:

Must be your XP setup - video/cam drivers likely. XP is ROCK SOLID; WD the same on XP Pro.


Fortunately my WD under WinXP Pro continues to run fine. As you can see in the other thread I’ve had this problem too. It’s a corruption issue of some kind since once it occurs it’ll keep occurring within an hour or two. The only way I was able to get rid of it was to do a clean install to a new directory. I have no clue what causes the corruption nor where the corruption is. I have not seen any kind of memory leak issue. The following lists the things I’ve done and perhaps one of them has prevented this corruption issue? Who knows, time will tell…

Disabled Auto Update feature (System Properties - System Update tab)
Disabled system restore (System Properties - System Restore)
Adjusted Windows for best perf (System Properties - Advanced)
Checked and Defrag’d the hard disk
Disabled some programs from running in the system tray (Run msconfig):
Microsoft Office, Quicken’s Billminder, Quicken Startup, HP S20 scanner
Switched from a USB-to-serial adapter cable to a PCI serial card
Disabled the Windows Screen Saver
Disabled all Power Savings features (Don’t spin down HD, etc)
Updated the NVIDIA TNT Graphics driver
Updated Windows with latest patches
Forced separate IRQs (by disabling parallel port in BIOS)

I'm still having problems with WD locking up on my system at different times throughout the day. It's been happening for several versions now and at different times of the day.
Have you looked at this?
if your graphdata.inf (or with numbers on the end) is over 150k , then exit WD and delete those files

humm, sounds bad news

try the install to a new directory and create a 2wd file there with notepad
(so that it is called 2wd.txt)
then it will start up like brand new, as a test.///
also, try not updating wunderground as a test …

at the moment this is the only person with problems like this that i know of…
if we get this one sorted, i will be good!

Brian, doing this, will all my WD data since 12/2000 still be available ?

sorry for the delay, was at playcenter with the kids…
jsut copy across all the files from the folders datafiles and logfiles and webfiles to the new location same directories

and also there are also your all time records and daily hi/lo, wind energy data etc in the wdisplay.ini file you can copy across to your wdisplay2.ini file