WD Shutdown Trouble


I am experiencing WD shutdown problems with Ver97.0
When I attempt to close, it hangs for about 30 seconds, then I get an error window (Windows XP Home). Once I close the error window, then it will shut down.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


maybe check the size of the graphdata.inf and graphdata2.inf etc files

i did add in a 1 second delay, which is needed for the dallas 1 wire routines to finish, and prevent a cascading error there (at least that has stopped!)

In doing a search (graphdata*.inf), I only have one file: graphdata.inf

It didn’t seem too large, but I removed all info from it anyway… and I still have the same hangup/error problem.

Anything else I can try Brian?


ah, so you cant have the extra real time graph enabled tehn (which will plot any extra temp/hum snesors (as long as you have given them names under the ws2000 data setup))

otherwise, i am not sure whats up at this stage

Well… not sure what you did, but I downloaded ver97e and all is well.
Who knows??? :slight_smile: