WD shows the wrong day/night icon in the midnight-sun period


The WD seems to strugle a bit with the time for sun up-down during the midnight-sun periode of the year. It shows the night icon twenty-four hours a day. Should be the day icon. Sun up and down times where also a bit strange just before the midnight-sun periode started. I thing it is beacuse of the daylight-saving time. Sun up/down, both are after 24:00, since real midnight is 01:00, beacause of the daylight saving time.

PS: Running WD 10.37R b271


Just as a check, make sure your Lat & Long are correct under Control Panel > Solar/Lunar & Coordinates.
Also, which WD version & build are you using?

It may also be handy to post you location, I take it your North of about 60


My location is 68

I will have to investigate this problem for when using the high latitude location setting

But not much time today, as helping out with a school camp fundraiser

I have fixed this now in the latest .zip update :slight_smile:

And now we have to wait one and a half month before we have to se the night icon again :smiley:

Thank you very much, Brian, fast and good response as always :slight_smile:


One thing i have noticed after implementing the new patch, is that it is showing “sunrise 23:00 and sunset 01:00” in WDL, ans the same for the graph picture. Before it said “sun never sets” and “sun never rises” in the WDL. (maybe more correct with “sun always rised”?)


I had to set something…so choose those hours :wink:
but I could change what is sent to WDL at least

Thank’s that would help a lot, cause WDL is what everyone else is seeing… Those graph pictures doesn’t mather.


actually I think WDL must put that about sun never sets etc only when the sun rise/set hours sent in the clientraw.txt file are both zero
So I need to set that back…but then make sure WD does not set to nighttime

Sounds good, should splve all issues :smiley:

try another .zip update…

Starting to feel a bit naggy… :frowning: First it is ok for sun up/down, but the moon up/down times is lost in WDL. A little later it shows sun up/down 1:00/1:00 and correct for the moon.